Danzan Ryu Boston Healing Arts

Danzan Ryu Boston incorporates a complete system of bodywork and restoration therapies into its core system. It is based on traditional Japanese bodywork methods and Hawaiian lomilomi massage, an ancient form of bodywork which was common throughout the Polynesian and Hawaiian Islands. This style of bodywork is performed primarily with the forearm and elbow which allows for a very full and deep bodywork experience without being painful or overwhelming.

The video to the right is a high speed version of the bodywork form to demonstrate the style and fully body coverage. A typical full body sessions will last about 70 minutes.




Introductory Pricing: $20 off Full Body, $10 off partial body. (Prices valid for first visit only)
$90 - Full Body (60 min)
$50 - Partial Body (30 min).
Partial body examples:
-low back, upper back and neck
-low back, hips, legs
-or any combination you desire

Earn discounts by referring your friends to Danzan Ryu Boston for bodywork. For each person you send in, $10 will be deducted from your massage price. A maximum of 3 referrals can be applied to each full body session and 2 to a half body session. The more clients you refer, the more you save.

Repeat Appointments
Can you plan your next appointment today? If so, book it now and save $10 on your next full body session or $5 off your next half body session.


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Bodywork Images

Elbow work along the spine Digital work along the spine
Digital work along the spine Elbow work along the spine

Wheely Relaxing

DZR Boston now travels to your home, office, and business for on-site deep tissue bodywork. As the transportion for on-site bodywork is performed by bicycle and trailer, services are limited to Cambridge, Somerville, Belmont and Watertown.

@ Home:
Enjoy the benefits of deep tissue bodywork in the comfort of your own home or office. Group/Party options are available, call for more information

@ Work:
Bodywork has been shown to lower anxiety and stress and improve productivity and concentration. Healthy and relaxed employees have fewer absenses. Example events could include: Corporate Retreats, Wellness Days, Employee Appreciation Days, etc.

Onsite Rates*:
1/2 hour = $75
1 Hour = $125
*For multiple clients or businesses, pleae call about our rate options