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It is with great sadness that I must announce the closing of Danzan Ryu Boston. We have had 4 exciting and fun years exploring the jujitsu and restoration techniques handed down from master Okazaki. I’d like to say thank you to all of the people who have come in for deep tissue body work over the last several years. Also a big thank you to all of the students who have come in to let me influence their martial arts training, it has been an honor. Our last day will be August 31, 2016.

Danzan Ryu Boston Martial Arts

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is a complete and complex martial art system of Japanese origins and Hawaiian influence founded in the early 20th century by Master Henry Seishiro Okazaki. It incorporates a wide range of techniques from throwing and grappling to striking, joint locking and choking.

Jujitsu, or "Gentle Art", takes its meaning from the practitioner defending themselves from any number of attacks not by brute strength, but in yielding circular movements. While very physical martial art system is taught, the practitioner is also developing a mental calmness and clarity so that situations can be diffused without the need for violence.

Adult Jujitsu Classes:
Monday and Wednesday: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Saturday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm



$110 for a 10-pack of class visits
$15 drop-in
Introductory Class is free!

Jujitsu students are required to join the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation
$60 per year for adults
$30 per year for children

Bring in a friend who signs up for one month or a 10 pack of classes and each will save $10. The more friends who sign up, the more you save!

Fine Print:
Monthly rate for jujitsu classes is $125, 10-pack of classes is $110. No other discounts apply.



Sensei Ryan Shawgo began studying Danzan Ryu jujitsu in 2002 with Sensei Joshua Grant in Joshua's apartment in South Boston. They eventually moved to the MIT Kodenkan club to train as throwing and falling in the apartment was not possible. Ryan trained at MIT under the Club's co instrctors Stephen Balzac and Joshua Grant. In the spring of 2009, Joshua and Ryan moved to Brandeis University in Waltham, MA to begin a club there, Danzan Ryu Boston. DZR Boston moved to its current location, outside of a university environment, at 51 New St. Cambridge, in 2011. Ryan is currently a sandan (3Ed degree black belt) with the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation.

Ryan is also a Mod 1, 2 & 3 graduate from the DZR Seifukujitsu Institute and is a certified practitioner of the Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Restorative Therapies. He is also a certified instructor for the Mod 1 program and also maintains current certification in First Aid, CPR, athletic taping and trauma management.

Sensei Joshua Grant started his martial arts training with Chinese kenpo and kung-fu. In 1990, he began his jujitsu training with the Boston Guardian Angels, later being promoted to Chapter Leader and Martial Arts trainer for the group. He also helped train the Tokyo Guardian Angels while living in Japan in 2003. His study of DanZan Ryu jujitsu started in 1995 with Professor Tom Ryan at Palmetto Jujitsu and Healing Arts in Lexington, SC. Joshua received his shodan (1st degree black belt) from Sensei Ryan in 2003 and his yandan (4th degree) in 2012. Joshua currently studies Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu with Roy Goldberg Sensei. Joshua received the rank of Shodan in 2012.

Joshua is a Mod 1, 2 & 3 graduate from the DZR Seifukujitsu Institute and is a certified practitioner of Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Restorative Therapies. He also maintains current certification in First Aid, CPR, athletic taping and trauma management.





1. Katate Hazushi Ichi
Wrist Escape One (outside)
2. Katate Hazushi Ni
Wrist Escape Two (inside)
3. Ryote Hazushi
Double Wrist Escape
4. Morote Hazushi
Two Hands on One Escape
5. Yubi Tori Hazushi
Finger Lock Escape
6. Momiji Hazushi
Red Maple Leaf Escape (front choke)
7. Ryoeri Hazushi
Double Lapel Escape
8. Yubi Tori
Finger Hold
9. Moro Yubi Tori
Multiple Finger Hold
10. Katate Tori
Single Hand Hold
11. Ryote Tori
Double Hand Hold
12. Tekubi Tori Ichi
Wrist Hold One (Outside)
13. Tekubi Tori Ni
Wrist Hold Two (Inside)
14. Imon Tori
Lapel Crossing Hold
15. Ryoeri Tori
Double Lapel Hold
16. Akushu Kote Tori
Handshake Forearm Hold
17. Akushu Ude Tori
Handshake Arm Hold
18. Akushu Kotemaki Tori
Handshake Forearm Winding Hold
19. Kubi Nuki Shime
Neck Encicrled Constriction (escape)
20. Hagai Shime
Double Wing Constriction

Nage Te

1. Deashi Harai
Advancing Foot Sweep
2. Sesae Ashi
Propping Foot
3. Okuri Harai
Sending Sweep
4. Soto Gama
Outside Sickle
5. Uchi Gama
Inside Sickle
6. Soto Momo Harai
Outside Thigh Sweep
7. Uchi Momo Harai
Inside Thigh Sweep
8. Ogoshi
Major Hip throw
9. Utseri Goshi
Changing Hip
10. Seoi Nage
Back Carry Throw
11. Ushiro Goshi
Rear Hip
12. Seoi Goshi
Back Cary Hip
13. Tsurikomi Goshi
Lift Pull Hip (Sleeve Tip)
14. Harai Goshi
Sweeping Hip
15. Hane Goshi
Springing Hip
16. Uki Otoshi
Floating Drop
17. Makikomi
18. Kane Sute
Crab Sacrifice
19. Tomoe Nage
Circle Throw
20. Yama Arashi
Mountain Storm

Shime Te

1. Eri Gatame
Lapel Hold Down
2. Kata Gatame
Shoulder Hold Down
3. Juji Gatame
Cross Hold Down
4. Shiho Gatame
Four-side Hold Down
5. Sankaku Gatame
Triangle Hold Down
6. Ushiro Gatame
Rear Hold Down
7. Namijuji Shime
Normal Cross Choke
8. Gyakujuji Shime
Reverse Cross Choke
9. Ichimonji Shime
Straight Line Choke
10. Tsukikomi Shime
Thrusting Into Choke
11. Hadaka Jime Ichi
Naked Choke One
12. Hadaka Jime Ni
Naked Choke Two
13. Hadaka Jime San
Naked Choke Three
14. Dakikubi Jime
Enbracing Neck Constriction
15. Osaegami Jime
Holding Hair Constriction
16. Kote Jime
Forearm Constiction
17. Tenada Jime
Arm Blade Constriction
18. Dho Jime
Body Constriction
19. Ashikarami Jime
Foot Entanglement Constriction
20. Ashinada Jime
Foot/Leg Blade Constriction
21. Ashiyubi Jime
Foot Toe Constriction
22. Momo Jime
Thigh Constriction
23. Shikano Itsusoku Jime
Deer's Single Leg Constriction
24. Shidare Fuji Jime
Hangiing Wisteria Constriction
25. Tatsumaki Jime
Dragon Winding Constriction

Goshen Jitsu

1.Kataeri Hazushi
Escape from a single-lapel grip
2.Katate Tori Ni
Lock the side of the wrist
3.Katate Tori San
Lock the wrist with an upward flex
4.Katate Tori Shi
Lock the wrist with an inward twist
5.Imon Tori Ni
Lock the wrist from a chest push
6.Kata Mune Tori
Wrist lock from one-hand lapel grip after blocking punch
7.Ude Tori
An arm-bar taken from a reach
8.Genkotsu Ude Tori
From a punch, trap and break arm with both forearms
9.Ude Gyaku Ichi
Parry punch, grip wrist, and break arm with a forearm
10.Ude Gyaku Ni
Parry punch, grip wrist, ulna press takedown
11.Ninin Yubi Tori
A come-along finger lock on two people
12.Kataeri Tori
Wrist lock taken from a one-handed lapel grip
13.Ushiro Gyaku
Lock shoulders from behind
14.Kata Hagai
Standing shoulder hold
15.Tekubi Shigarami
Figure-4 takedown, hold with a flexed wrist
16.Genkotsu Otoshi
Block double punch, head butt, groin strike and throw to rear
17.Hon Gyaku Ichi
Come-along hold with arm between legs
18.Hon Gyaku Ni
Hammerlock hold from rear
19.Ushiro Daki Nage
Escape and throw from a rear bear-hug, arms pinned
20.Mae Daki Nage Ichi
Escape and throw from a front bear-hug, arms free
21.Mae Daki Nage Ni
Escape and throw from front bear-hug, arms pinned
Standing reverse arm bar
Knee-press takedown, hold with leg lock
24.Mae Osaegami Nage
Break arm and throw from a front hair-pull
25.Ushiro Osaegami Nage
Break wrist and throw from a rear hair-pull
26.Kesa Nage
Parry a punch, thow Ogoshi to the rear
27.Ashi Karami
Sliding leg takedown
28.Sannin Nage
Three-person throw


1. Deashi Hayanada
Advancing Foot Quick Blade
2. Ogoshi Hayanada
Major Hip Quick Blade
3. Seoi Hayanada
Back Carry Quick Blade
4. Norimi
Body ride (counter Ogoshi)
5. Sumigaeshi
Corner counter
6. Mizukuguri
Underwater Dive
7. Maeyamakage
Front Mountain Shadow
8. Komi Iri
Entering Into (Patella dislocation)
9. Kote Gaeshi
Forearm Turnover
10. Sakanuki
Reverse Pull Out
11. Gyakute Nage
Reverse Arm Throw
12. Hon Tomoe
True Circle (throw)
13. Katate Tomoe
One-armed Circle (throw)
14. Shigarami
Fist Entanglement (throw)
15. Gyakute Shigarami
Reverse Arm Entanglement
16. Kote Shigarami
Wrist Entanglement
17. Ko Guruma
Small Wheel
18. Tora Nage
Tiger Throw
19. Tora Katsugi
Tiger Shouldering
20. Arashi Otoshi
Storm Drop
21. Hiki Otoshi
Pulling drop
22. Kine Katsugi
Mallet Shouldering (throw)
23. Kin Katsugi
Testicle Shouldering (throw)
24. Kazaguruma
Wind Wheel
25. Jigoku Otoshi
Hell Drop

Shinin no Maki

1. Isami Tasuki Nage
2. Obi Hane Goshi
3. Tsurikomi Taoshi
4. Momiji Nage
5. Gyaku Hayanada
6. Hiza Nage
7. Osaekomi Gyakute Tori
8. Kobushi Shime
9. Kesa Hazushi
10. Kubi Shime Tomoe Gyakute
11. Ninin Nage
12. Gyakute Gaeshi
13. Hizaori Nage
14. Gyaku Hagai
15. Ushiro Kannuki
16. Mae Kannuki
17. Hikitate Tori Shime
18. Ude Garami
19. Ebi Shime
20. Ushiro Ebi Shime
21. Ushiro Nage
22. Gyaku Eri Shime
23. Shigarami Shime
24. Ashi Kannuki
25. Kesa Koroshi
26. Hando Shime
27. Ashi Gyaku
28. Kabe Shime
29. Ashi Karami Tori
30. Nidan Gaeshi
31. Satsuma Shime
32. Tataki Komi
33. Ushiro Nage Tori
34. Saru Shigarami
35. Sandan Gaeshi

51 New St. Cambridge, MA, 02139 • 617-413-6529info@dzrboston.com